Racing 101

Race Etiquette for Runners:

  • Guide to Common Running Terms – a great overview
  • Pre-Register for the race, vs. sign up race day.
  • Please do not run as a “bandit”, Register for the race!
  • How to choose the race you want to register for [Click Here]
  • Make sure you wear Your race number. Wear Your timing Chip on the outside of clothing (if provided).
  • Pin your race number to the FRONT of your shirt. Finish line volunteers will want to “tear” your “tag” from your bib to calculate results. Bib # is also used if the race is taking pictures at the event. [Example]
  • Do NOT give your Bib Number to your friend or family member if you are unable to run the race, it is considered Fraud.
  • Show up early to pickup your packet, review any instructions provided about the race. Bring your ID – You may need that for Pickup.
  • Be courteous to race volunteers and respectful to fellow runners.
  • Follow the rules of the race, it is for your safety.
  • Line up at the start line according to how fast you plan on running the race.
  • If the race has “seeded” bib numbers, line up in your assigned start corral.
  • If you drop something at the start, don’t stop and get it, until everyone has crossed the starting line.
  • Run or walk no more than two abreast and don’t block the course for those wishing to pass.
  • When approaching a water stop, move all the way over to the table, grab your cup of fluids and then move away from the table so others may get their drink as well.
  • If you stop and drink at the water stop, move to the side of the road, out of the way of other runners.
  • Move to the side of the road to tie your show, spit, or anything else that may disrupt runners around you.
  • If passing a runner(s) and plan to cross their path, give a verbal “excuse me” or a “pointing” hand signal of your intent to moving in a specific direction.
  • Pay attention to what is going around you during the race. Expect the unexpected. There may be loose dogs, lost kids, low branches, and looming potholes, and an errant car rolling though an intersection.
  • Please do not have your friends or relatives run with you thought the finish line if they have not registered for the race. This can create issues for calculating results.
  • Encourage everyone around you including yourself.
  • Keep moving after you have crossed the finish line into the finishers shoot.
  • Help the finish line volunteers by tearing your tag, and stay in order of how you finished.
  • If timing chips are used, please make sure you return the timing chip, these are expensive and they will be expecting you to pay for the chip if lost.
  • Enjoy the post race party, but don’t take more than your fair share.
  • Volunteer or Sign-up to do the race again for next year.
  • If you were not able to participate after registering, Don’t ask for a Refund

More Raceing 101 can be located here [RRCA Etiquette for Runners]

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Guide to Common Running Terms – a great overview of running terms!

  • For your safety and the safety of the runners around you:
  • Leave the headphones at home.
  • Do NOT run the race with your dog. Leave the Pooch at home.
  • Please don’t run the race with a baby/small child in a baby stroller.


Information is provided by RRCA and Championship Racing, LLC

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