Results – 2017

MLK Drum Rum 5K Results [01-14-2017]
Red Shoe Run 10 Mile Results  5K Results [01-21-2017]  Race was Cancelled due to bad weather.
Frostbite 5K Results [01-27-2017]

Adam’s Heart Runs 5K, 10K, 10 Mile Results  [02-04-2017]
Mercedes Marathon Weekend:
Regions Super Hero 5K Results   [02-11-2017]
Kids Marathon Results [02-11-2017]
Marathon Awards  Marathon Overall Results    [02-12-2017]
Half Marathon Awards   Half Marathon Overall Results     [02-12-2017]
Marathon Relay Awards  Marathon Relay Overall Results [02-12-2017]
UAB SOTA 5K Results [02-18-2017]
Leatherfoot 5K Overall Results    Age Group Results  [02-18-2017]
Russell Forest Run  5K Results    10K Results [02-25-2017]
Gluten Free is Good for Me 5K   Overall Results   Age Group Results [02-25-2017]
Run. Bike. Leap. 10K Results [02-25-2017]

Jeff State 5K Results  [03-04-2017]
Village 2 Village 10K Results 10K Searchable Results & 7.5K Results [03-11-2017]
Wine 10K Results [03-11-2017]
Miracles In Motion 5K Results [03-11-2017] 
ASYO Beat Beethoven 5K Trail Run Results  [03-11-2017]
Perseverance 5K Results  [03-11-2017]
Miss Marshall County Kamyrn Brumbeloe 5K Age Group Results  5K Overall Results  [03-11-2017]
Brenda Ladun Conquer Cancer Run 5K Results [03-18-2017]
Fitness N Motion 5K Results [03-18-2017] 
He Said Go 5K Results [03-25-2017]
Rumpshaker 5K Results   Team Results [03-25-2017] 

Statue to Statue  15K Results  [04-01-2017]
Race To Solve The Puzzle – Sylacauga   5K Results  [04-01-2017]
Sozo Kids Run for a Reason  5K Age Group Results   Overall Results [04-01-2017]
Purple Stride 5K Results  [04-01-2017]
High Country 5K Results [04-08-2017]
No Longer 5K Results  [04-08-2017]
Race To Solve The Puzzle  5K Results  [04-08-2017]
Chicken Head 5K Overall Results  5K Age Group Results  10K Overall Results 10K Age Group Results [04-08-2017]
eCO Credit Union Foundation  5K Results  10K Results  [04-08-2017]
Run For Their Lives 5K & 10K Results [04-15-2017]
Hometown Heroes Superhero 5K Results [04-15-2017]
Steeple to Steeple 5K & 10K Results [04-22-2017]
St. Elias Cedar Run 5K Results  5K Searchable Results [04-22-2017]
Magnolia Festival 5K Results [04-22-2017]
Quarry Crusher Run Results [04-22-2017]
UAB Spring Scramble  5K Overall  Results   5K Age Group Results  [04-22-2017]
Restoration Run 5K Results from  15K Results  Searchable Results  [04-29-2017] 
Girls on the Run 5K Results  [04-29-2017] 
Salvation Army Red Kettle Run 5K Results [04-27-2017]
ADII Run for Ronald 5K Results [04-29-2017]

We Love Homewood 5K Results  [05-06-2017]
Fight The Bite 5K Results [05-06-2017]
Outrun Hunger 5K Results  [05-06-2017]
Highland Lake Anchor 5K Results [05-06-2017]
UAB National Alumni Society Scholarship Run 5K Results   10K Results [05-12-2017] 
Motherwalk 5K Results  Searchable 5K Results [05-13-2017]
Race for Grace Place 5K Overall Results  5K Age Group Results [05-13-2017]
Steel Strides 5K Results [05-13-2017]
Birmingham Zoo Run 5K Results   Searchable Results [05-20-2017]
Band Together 5K Results [05-20-2017] 
Book It! 5K for the Hoover Library 5K Results [05-20-2017]

I am a Father 5K Results [06-03-2017]
Angel Warriors Foundation 5K Results [06-03-2017]
Tallulah Half Marathon Results  5K Results [06-10-2017]
Get Fit 5K Results [06-10-2017]
National Senior Games 10K Results  [06-10-2017]
National Senior Games 5K Results  [06-12-2017]
Fultondale Stampede 5K Results   5K Searchable Results [06-17-2017]
Judy James Memorial 5K Overall Results   5K Age Group Results  [06-17-2017]
Run for His Purpose Freedom 5K Results [06-24-2017]

Peavine Falls Run Overall Results  Results [07-04-2017] 
The Dam 5K Results  at O’hatchee [07-08-2017]
Twilight 5K Retro Run Age Group Results     Searchable Results [07-29-2017]

Woodstock 5K Results  Team Results  Kidstock 1 Mile  Results   [08-05-2017] 
Shake and Bake 5K Results [08-05-2017] 
Midsummer Night’s Run 5K Results (Oneonta, AL)  [08-12-17]
Historic Lincoln 5K Results  [08-12-17]
6th Annual R(un) for One  5K Results [08-19-17]
Just a Call Away  5K Age Group Results   5K Searchable Results [08-19-2017]
Save the O’s 5K Results  5K Searchable Results  [08-19-17] 
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